Epigraphy and New Testament


(Thomas Corsten; Markus Öhler; Joseph Verheyden)

The research of epigraphical material has not yet progressed in respect of approaches to understand Early Christianity in its environmental contexts. Therefore, a wide field lies dormant. This anthology contains contributions to a conference at the University of Vienna from February 2014 and takes a significant step towards a better perception of this substantial area of ancient documents. For that matter, the perspective from New Testament Studies as well as the epigraphical point of view work together quite closely. Hence this volume contains both elaborations of methodical questions that focus upon a systematic processing of the epigraphical material and singular studies that deal with genres of epigraphy or adopt topical approaches.

With contributions from: Walter Ameling, Peter Arzt-Grabner, Richard S. Ascough, Thomas Corsten, Eva Ebel, John S. Kloppenborg, Markus Öhler, Imre Peres, Hans Taeuber, Joseph Verheyden