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STEOP exams for newcomers during winter term

During summer term the lecture “Geschichte des frühen Christentums” (History of early Christendom) wasn’t being held. This lecture is part of the studies’ entrance and orientation phase (STEOP) for the Bachelor of Protestant Theology Studies. Instead, the requirements for the exam are to be met by private study of the slides from the lecture as well as an accompanied read of a book about the history of early Christendom. For further information, please contact Prof. Markus Öhler:

The exam dates for the STEOP exam “Geschichte des frühen Christentums/Epochen der Kirchengeschichte” (History of early Christendom/Epochs of Church History) during winter term are on June 4th, July 2nd and September 27th 2018,10-12 a.m.

Please sign up for the exam with Fr. Busch, the secretary for Church History.