Previous Papers and Responses

2021 (online): Rome

  • Hermut Löhr (Bonn): "Der 'Hirte des Hermas' und die stadtrömischen Christen"
  • Jan Rüggemeier (Zürich): "Travelling with a Phoenician Merchant: Urban Encounters with Christ followers in Rome“

2020: Due to the Covid-19-pandemic the meeting in Rome was cancelled.

Papers on Law (Marburg 2019)

  • J. Albert Harrill (Ohio): Laying Down the Law for All: Hellenistic Circular Edicts (έντολαί) and the Epistolary Form of Ephesians; response by Bärbel Bosenius
  • Alexander Weiss (Frankfurt): Jesus, Paul and the Augustan Marriage Laws; response by Margaret MacDonald
  • Lutz Doering (Muenster): Jewish Law in Antiquity: Between Norm and Praxis; response by Karin Zetterholm

Papers on Networks and Letters (Athens 2018)

  • John S. Kloppenborg (University of Toronto): Social Networks and the Diffusion of Ancient Elective Cults; response by Helen Bond
  • Laura Nasrallah (Harvard University): Letter-Writing as Technology: New Testament, Epigraphy, and Empire; response by Martin Stowasser
  • Anders Runesson (University of Oslo): Space, Ritual, and Politics in (the Reconstruction of) the Ancient Synagogue. An Exploration of the Historical Archive; response by Bernadette Brooten

Papers on Imperium (Pretoria 2017)

  • J. Albert Harrill (Ohio): Imperial Aesthetics of “Narrative Architecture”: The Representation of Buildings and Monumentality in Literature
  • Gerhard A. van den Heever (UNISA Pretoria), Hybrid Identities: An Early Christian Cult Group Taking Shape in the Context of Roman Imperial Cult, response by Stephen Hultgren
  • Thomas Witulski (Bielefeld), Die kultisch-religiöse Kaiserverehrung im Imperium Romanum am Beispiel der Provinz Asia

Papers on Polis (Montreal 2016)

  • James R. Harrison: The Polis, Its Gods and the Jews of Asia: Ionian, Phrygian and Lydian Perspectives
  • John S. Kloppenborg: Associations, Christ groups, and their place in the Polis
  • Richard Last: The Neighbourhoods of Christ-Believers in Roman Cities and Towns

Papers on Houses (Amsterdam 2015)

  • Peter Oakes: Roman Housing and Religion
  • Ferdinand Prostmeier: Early Christian House Religion
  • Gabriele Fassbeck: Being Jewish at home: A glance at interpretations of ancient Palestine's material record

Papers on Gender Issues (Szeged 2014)

  • Christiane Zimmermann, Christian Women in Lycaonia (3rd-5th cent. CE)
  • Cecilia Wassen, Impurity of Men and Women in the Dead Sea Scrolls: A Comparison
  • Margaret Y. MacDonald, Reevaluating Gender in the Pastoral Epistles in light of Ancient Concepts and Practices of Education and Apprenticeship,response by Markus Öhler

Papers on Ethnicity (Perth 2013)

  • Kathy Ehrensperger, Shared Culture and Diverse Ethnic Identities: The Pauline Discourse of Israel and the Nations
  • Anders Runesson, The Impact of Ethnicity in Matthew
  • J. Albert Harrill, Ethnic Fluidity in Ephesians

Papers on Ancient Economy (Leuven 2012)

  • Willy Clarysse, Les jiufs dans l'Egypte gréco-romaine. Perspectives papyrologiques nouvelles
  • Philip A. Harland, Associations and Economics of Group Life: A Case Study of Asia Minor and Aegean Islands
  • Roland Deines, The Danger of Wealth in the Jesus Tradition and in the Epistle of James

Papers on Voluntary Associations (Annandale 2011)

  • Andreas Bendlin, Voluntary associations in the Roman world: networks, lobby groups, political conformists?
  • John Kloppenborg, How did Paul's followers know they were in the Ecclesia?
  • Markus Öhler, The Gospel of Matthew, the Didache and Voluntary Associations – Towards a Galilean Perspective?

Papers on Slavery (Berlin 2010)

  • Werner Eck, Sklaven und Freigelassene von Römern in Iudaea und den angrenzenden Provinzen
  • J. Albert Harrill, The Psychology of Slaves in the Gospel Parables: A Case Study in Social History, response by John S. Kloppenborg
  • Hermut Löhr, The Status of Slaves in Christian Communities at the End of the First and the Beginning of the Second Century C.E., response by Margaret Y. MacDonald